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Today I was at the Parallel London event with Iyiola Olafimihan. We were both supporting ALLFIE in one of the race and he was interested in Culture Access. He would like to add information on access to clubs..which is very good news! Welcome on board, Iyiola! it made me think of a whole new category of interest!

black man on wheelchair with sign of Parallel London behind him

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  1. Hi Eleanor,
    I defo want to access clubs and night life and share my experience with y’all!
    Ironically I was at the Guanabara (soon to transform into a new identity) the night before we met at Parallel London, to celebrate a friend’s birthday…they ushered me through their goods lift and all the way up to the main arena. As an access auditor myself (a bit rusty now – I must confess) what I always look out for is attitude of venue operators, are they willing to be flexible even where the venues are generally not designed with us in mind? Thus first test, website…is information on access adequate for disabled ravers? The language on the access page etc Anyway my first post will not be technical, just a peep into what I will be contributing when I go out, by the way Guanabara was okay, might approach the new management though to make further improvements.

    Glad to be associated with Culture Access….

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