Co productive Meetings at the Queer Circle

One of the meetings at the Queer Circle : celebrating Eid with the BSL interpreter

For the past year, we have been having our meetings at the Queer Circle, Greenwich Peninsula. We are very grateful to them for hosting us so kindly and warmly. We celebrated each others festivals – for some of us, we do not have family here to celebrate those holidays with us. We were funded by the Community Knowledge Fund, Young Foundation. Much gratitude to them for the learning experience to too. And to David Hockham from Greenwich University who accompanied us on the learning journey.

We exchanged stories and we also started on a piece of art work which will express our identities and impairments. We listened to each other – with some differences of opinion.

We look forward to finishing the piece of work that we co produced and are proud of. We are looking for a public space to display it! Its exciting.

Group of people, 3 men and 3 women, one with face mask around a table with colourful artwork
Group members working together on the piece of work, assembling what we started with individual canvases.