Creating a herb raised bed

A raised bed was built and filled with compost for the first experiment on creating a herb bed.

from September 2015

a woman pointing to a man - they are both smiling. Another man is behind them with a wheelbarrow.
with Michael and Pat, Meantime Nursery staff, setting the idea of raised bed










rough wooden table with a couple of small plants and a blue wheelbarrow
bed about to be the height of this table









A raised bed was made with wooden joined up boxes on three sides. They were underlined with black heavy duty plastic sheets and filled with compost .

November 2015

raised wooden bed on three sides with plastic cover
raised bed

March 2016

trowel in compost under plant roots
planting herbs








trailing rosemary with reddish sage
trailing rosemary with sage








young chives


silver thyme
silver thyme
apple mint and lemon balm with green tags
apple mint and lemon balm
2 red sages
red sage












Access to conservation:Greenwich Meantime Plant Nursery

First posted at Connect Culture

The Meantime Plant Nursery is an innovative volunteer powered project, aiming to put vacant development land to good use growing plants. The Conservation Volunteers are now offering a new volunteering opportunity at the Meantime Plant Nursery:

-learn and develop horticultural skills such as plant propagation and maintenance.
-enhance your DIY and carpentry skills, building new raised beds, irrigating polytunnels and constructing staging.
-discover dendrology with the ‘Remarkable Tree Project’, our new initiative to find and multiply London’s most unusual and unique trees.

Volunteer days are held every Tuesday from 10-3, tea, coffee, biscuits, and all tools, training and equipment will be provided.

I went along to volunteer one Tuesday and found a cheery welcome. We are sorting out how to be most useful to the project. Plans include a suitably high worktable and possibly raised bed.

Michael and Pat
Michael and Pat

The venue has level access and cleared paths with good surfaces for wheelchair users.The site is at the Greenwich Peninsula West Parkside, easily accessed by buses to the Meridian village near the 02 on Jubilee Line (accessible station North Greenwich). It is a good place to relax in a green environment set up in an urban space.

There is a ramp into the office. Unfortunately there is not an usable accessible toilet on the site yet. (But there is an Odeon Imax cinema within a few minutes walk and several restaurants and a B&Q)



We are developing a project on accessible conservation and planting project together – watch this space!


More photos at the flickr page.

Also have a look at this blog on the website which is slightly different from here.

Next blog would give an idea of how the pilot project has developed