the co produced cookbook is out!

recipe booklets (blue and white with logos) and photos and text of contributors
the recipe booklets

Cooking with support

These are tips for accessible cooking/ cooking with support – tips from a workshop which resulted in this co created cookbook.

We published a cookbook from the shared recipes, adding some wonderful illustrations from Deborah Caulfield. We did a hard copy because we realised for many deaf and disabled and older people, they missed out on digital resources as they do not have access – for a variety of reasons. However, there are QR codes linked in the book for further information and resources.

This is funded by Greenwich Council so if you would like a copy and you are in #RBG send us an email at

Sustaining the momentum

The aim of the Greenwich Disabled People’s Innovation Project (GDPIP) was to built a group of deaf and disabled people in the area where we can meet ‘out of the isolation’ of the pandemic.

We made an effort to connect with different disabled people and organisations – some of whom responded and joined our workshops. but we knew the funding would run out and we would like to sustain the momentum.

We were lucky enough to secure some funding from the Young Foundation and the Queer Circle at the Design District were kind enough to provide us with a venue.

Follow us here to know how we are getting on, we will be giving more details soon!

some people around a table, 3 women, 5 men. one with a face mask, one signing. There is food and water on the table.