Jenny’s stuffed tomatoes

Jenny, a wheelchair user, has short hair, glasses, a stripey orange and black top.  Her cat is also in the photo.

“I rely on PA support to cook. This recipe combines freshness and flavour without my PAs needing to have much cooking experience..”

stuffed red tomato with rice grains on a blue plate
Jenny’s stuffed tomato – image from Deborah

6 “beef tomatoes”
pack of flavoured rice
mix of vegetables or tiny cubes of cheese

Put the oven on to heat. Prepare a pack of flavoured rice as per the instructions (I use Golden Vegetable and have used microwave-style rice also). Meanwhile, carefully hollow out 6 large “beef” tomatoes, keeping the tops. Once the rice is cooked, add your choice of mix-ins (as a vegetarian, I add sweetcorn, capers and / or tiny cubes of cheese). With the hollowed tomatoes put together tightly in a greased, oven-proof dish, stuff the tomatoes with the rice mixture and put the tomato “lids” back on, loosely. Cook in the oven until the tomatoes are steaming hot. Enjoy (either hot or cold the next day).  To avoid food waste, I use the scooped out tomato flesh to bulk out a simple pasta sauce, which adds a touch of freshness. As an alternative, you can stuff peppers.

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Photo of stuffed tomato

Beef tomato stuffed with rice on white plate.

Jenny’s recommended kitchen aid: spice grinder

spice grinder
To grind, or mill your spices, simply pull the ratchet handle back and forth – it’s easy on the wrists and particularly suitable for those who have difficulty handling a traditional mill.