Easy pastries with the air fryer

A pair of hands on brie cheese. there is a knife and squares of pastry, on the blue checked table cloth and a pot of reddish jam.

” we all enjoyed the pastries made as part of Christmas festivities”

pastries with red filling on a blue plate
pastries image by Deborah


Jus- Rol pastry sheets (puff or shortcrust)
Half jar cranberry jam
A piece of brie cheese


Cut out the pastry sheet into roughly 12 by 10 cm rectangles. adjust according to the pastry sheet. This really depends on the quantity you intend to make.
Put a teaspoonful of brie cheese and half that of cranberry jam in the centre of the package and fold the sides up into the centre.

Preheat the air fryer following the directions and place the parcels into the air fryer according to the dimensions of your tray and quantity you are making. Take care not to overdo the jam in case it spills out and burn.

This is good for Christmas but you can experiment with marmalade , or make savoury ones in different combinations.

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Equipment used: air fryer

grey air fryer, on stand with plant