Who are we?

The contributors of the recipes here are from a co produced workshop on Cooking With Support facilitated by Eleanor Lisney.

The workshop came about from our Covid experience where many of us were stuck in isolation unable to access food and especially hot, cooked food which were not commercially processed. We shared tips and spoke of our different methods on negotiating cooking with different impairments (mobility issues, visual impairments, neuro divergent). We came from different traditions, nations and cultures ( Persian, German, East / South East Asian, African, Caribbean, Moroccan, South Asian and English). We shared stories of what the dishes meant to us. Some of us were vegans or vegetarians as well. Some were not able to attend on the day itself but shared through the WhatsApp group formed from the group.

Many thanks to Deborah Caulfield who did all the illustrations for us. Deborah is a disabled artist and illustrator. She works in various media, including watercolour, digital, and textiles.
Deborah Caulfield​ Art
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Thank you also to all the PAs (personal assistants) who were there to help us set the workshop up and supported us. Thank you for making the cranberry brie Christmas pastries for us too.

Thank you to Bathway Theatre, Greenwich University, Woolwich for the venue. Thank you to Dr David Hockham for his consultancy help and guidance with the project. This workshop was part of three workshops from the Greenwich Disabled People’s Innovation Project.

Thank you very much to the Royal Borough of Greenwich for funding the GDPIP project.

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