Yannick’s eru recipe

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“…this is a favourite childhood dish and the first I learned to cook…”

A round blue edged plate with fried plantains, prawns in a sauce and green bits
eru with fried plantains, image by Deborah


6 cups of Eru/Ukazi
3 bags/bundles of spinach/waterleaf
2-3 fish of choice slice into 3 parts (prawns, seafood, dried/smoked fish, stocked fish, snails, and/or others)
2 cups of crayfish
3 cups of palm oil plus half cup of canola (or groundnut) oil
1 crayfish seasoning cube (Maggi Crevette)
1 Habanero pepper (optional)
4 Ripe Plantain, Yam and or Sweet Potato
Salt to taste


If you are using dried Eru, start by soaking it in water.Wash your fresh fish, prawns and put in the pot to fry. Season fish after and set aside.Chop your spinach or waterleaf and set aside.

Put 1 glasses of water in a pan and add vegetable stock and wait for water to start boiling. Add in spinach and start stirring. When spinach gets quite soft and shrink add fried fish and seafood assortment. Then you drain Eru and add to pot. The small liquid from the Spinach will make the Eru soft. Then add the oil, seasoning cube and lastly crayfish.

Tip : Mixing palm oil and canola/vegetable oil keeps the oil from becoming hard when the Eru is cold.

Stir well and dish is ready. Serve with Water Fufu (Akpu), Garri or even Pounded Yam.

Peel and wash plaintain, sweet potato or Yam. Boil or Fry until cooked or brown.

Serve with dish.

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Photos from dish preparation