Eleanor’s microwaved steamed fish

East Asian woman with glasses and straw hat, wearing a black tee shirt wit checked shirt

“an adapted easy light dish, accessible but close to my mum’s home cooking”

noodles in a blue rimmed bowl with pink fish wrapped in bacon slices and spring onions
steamed fish with bacon and noodles – image from Deborah

Wrapped Steamed fish in the microwave


1 to 2 fillets of fish (white fish or salmon)
Bacon pieces to wrap up the fish (optional)
or Chinese/ napa cabbage alternative
Salt and pepper to taste
Ginger, grated or sliced (optional)
Sunflower or peanut oil
Spring onions


Use a dish big enough for the fish fillets.
Lightly oil the bottom of the dish. Dust the fish with salt and pepper. No salt is needed if bacon slices are used to wrap the fish. Wrap the bacon or Chinese cabbage round the fish fillets. This is to keep the fish moist – you can experiment with courgette thinly sliced as well. You can add a spring onion to be wrapped up with the fish too. Cover the dish with clingfilm.

Cook it in the microwave on the highest setting for 2 minutes. This depends on your microwave but best to leave it to settle for a few minutes before uncovering it .

Serve the fish on a bed of rice or noodles depending on your preference, gluten free or otherwise. You can also add soya sauce or oyster sauce if you wish but if you use bacon, take care you don’t oversalt it. Sprinkle some fresh cut up spring onions, fresh coriander or parsley for garnish.

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