vegan stir fried vegetables with tofu for Sarah

( This is part of a new project – virtual cooking for friends during #COVID19

This current coronavirus pandemic means that for many of us, disabled people with social isolation, are restricted to virtual meetings.

As it means no eating together – here’s a new project in that we would cook a dish with the friend in mind and share it here. The recipes here are not expert cooking but shared with love.)

My friend Sarah Rennie has recently gone vegan. I made this with her in mind. I added tofu because she said it should have protein. It might not be in everybody’s store cupboard but it you can get silken tofu in most supermarkets. (Naked does an organic tofu – available in supermakets like Sainsburys and Tesco)


quantities are flexible

some chestnut (or any ) mushrooms, sliced
1 leek (use only the young green and white part)
2 cloves garlic, whole or sliced
2 shallots, cut up
juice from half a lemon (optional)
firm silken tofu, cut up into largeish cubes
vegetable oil
peppers would also work very well for this stir fry
cut chillies for garnish
vegetarian ‘oyster’ sauce or soya sauce (obtainable online or from an Asian stores)
Shaoxing wine (optional)

photo of cut up vegetables on choping board, with tofu, leeks, muhroom, shallots and garlic
stir fry ingredients, vegetables with tofu

cooking method

Add about 2 tablespoons of oil into a pan, a wok is good for this because it gives the space to stir the ingredients. Add the garlic, shallots to flavour the oil, then the leeks and mushrooms. When you think the vegetable is cooked to your satisfaction, add the tofu because the tofu breaks up easily if you stir too vigorously. Some people like their vegetables to be al dente but not everybody. Add the lemon juice (this is optional.) I like the tartness which adds to the flavour. Then the vegetarian oyster sauce or soy sauce. Another option is some wine/ alcohol like Shaoxing wine. if you don’t have that, you can add sherry but obviously it’s not the same. My PA likes adding Shaoxing wine to everything!

This dish is really easy but satisfying. It can be accompanied by rice or noodles. It should have enough sauce but not be drowned in gravy. There should be enough for 2 portions.

mix of vegetables with tofu and brownish sauce with red chillie garnish in a round plate
vegan stir fried vegetables with tofu

Bon appetit!

by Eleanor
assisted by James

By Eleanor, assisted by James.

photo of East Asian woman on wheelchair holding a spatula awkwardly frying lardons in a wok. Behind her is a loaded sink and a microwave.
Eleanor Lisney

Eleanor ‘s love for all types of cuisine comes from being Malaysian born and bred. She started to cook at university at Canterbury and learn about French cuisine when she was a stay at home mum for more than 10 years in Strasbourg, France.

She finds cooking on her own more problematic and gets her PAs / friends to help her do the heavy work so she can do some cooking from her wheelchair.


photo of cooked spinach leaves on a white plate and a fork with the word cuisine