Vegan linguine for Rob

( This is part of a new project – virtual cooking for friends during #COVID19

This current coronavirus pandemic means that for many of us, disabled people with social isolation, are restricted to virtual meetings.

As it means no eating together – here’s a new project in that we would cook a dish with the friend in mind and share it here. The recipes here are not expert cooking but shared with love.)

Rob (instagram @veggielad) is a vegan – he is also my friend Holly’s husband, and I was invited to their lovely wedding. I feel guilty that the last time we ate together, there wasn’t a proper vegan dish on the restaurant menu. Hence I am offering this – in place of a proper meal which will have to wait till the pandemic and my social isolation ends. I thought this might be a good simple dish to share – with all ingredients that can be found in a store cupboard. This is such an easy dish that Naomi and I made it together while watching an episode of Chinese drama (explanation of the sound in the background.)

This is a new recipe for me too. I have not been able to cook pasta because it normally requires a big pot of water to cook the pasta, this is dangerous for me – as someone who cannot handle hot, heavy pots any more. This is a pasta dish which is cooked along the other ingredients in the same pot. I thought I ‘d try using coconut milk as not to use dairy products – to make it a vegan dish.


200 gms linguine/ spaghetti (or substitute noodles)
1 tin coconut milk
6 or more garlic cloves
organic vegetable stock cube
1 – 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

Cooking method
garlic and coconut milk in

Brown the garlic in a tablespoon or two of vegetable oil. Once youcan smell the garlic, add the coconut milk and stir well. Add the linguine. Its better if the pan is long enough to accomodate the linguine (might be better done in a wok for the size) and stock cube. Put on medium heat.

The linguine will fit as it softens. Add some water if the sauce thickens too much as it cooks. We left it to cook about 10 mins., testing to see if the linguine is cook enough as al dente.

plate of linguine with creamy coconut sauce
plate of linguine with creamy coconut sauce

Plate up, add seasoning and serve with vegetables such as courgettes, peppers or with a green salad.

I love all noodles. This can be repeated with egg noodles, rice noodles (softening time much quicker) or udon. Hope you like it too Rob and Holly, and we’ll be able to eat out together again when this COVID -19 is over.

By Eleanor
Assisted by Naomi

photo of East Asian woman on wheelchair holding a spatula awkwardly frying lardons in a wok. Behind her is a loaded sink and a microwave.
Eleanor Lisney

Eleanor ‘s love for all types of cuisine comes from being Malaysian born and bred. She started to cook at university at Canterbury and learn about French cuisine when she was a stay at home mum for more than 10 years in Strasbourg, France.

She is finding cooking on her own more problematic and gets her PAs / friends to help her do the heavy work so she can do some cooking from her wheelchair.


photo of cooked spinach leaves on a white plate and a fork with the word cuisine