Accessible Cooking/ cooking with help

New project – virtual cooking for friends during #COVID19

This current coronavirus pandemic means that for many of us, disabled people with social isolation, are restricted to virtual meetings.

As it means no eating together – so here’s a new project in that we would cook a dish with the friend in mind and share it here.

We have another disabled chef joining us, John Farnworth, he has written us some tips on cooking as a disabled person.

See also a blog to explain how some people have different access needs when it comes to food – as one anonymous poster expressed her feelings on the issue in Just one small bite.

Virtual meals to share

For Liz – My favourite Mum’s fried rice

For Bonnie – A Malaysian curry chicken

For Rob – Vegan Linguine with coconut sauce

For Sarah – Vegan stir fried vegetables with tofu

For Frieda – Fried fish with tomatoes

For Dennis – Tortilla bake (vegan)

For Dennis – chicken noodle soup, variations on a theme

From Fleur – Pride Solidarity Cookies

Other meals

Steamed savoury egg custard

Main meals

Glass vermicelli with gourd and dried shrimps

Vegan noodles with shitake mushrooms

Green beans with butter and lemon juice