black and white butterfly on log and hyacinth

In London, as in most urban areas, we live with small gardens and often in flats. As disabled people, we often have recourse to container gardening or limited gardening resources. However, many of us we still like to attract wild life and provide a good environment for them.

ginger cat in a small terrace with plants in containers

Container gardening is ideal for those with little or no garden space as well as those who cannot dig or need the flexibility that a pot or tub can provide as a raised surface. Plants can be grown on a small patio or balcony.

When selecting planters for a container garden you’ll want to pick something that suits your taste, allows for proper drainage and is an appropriate size and weight for where you plan to place it. You have to consider where the space face too, south facing is the best for sunlight but shaded areas are good for ferns etc

Herbs are very good from the point of the view of attracting bees and also adding to your kitchen. Some herbs are very attractive in foliage as well as flowers in spring and summer.

rosemary plant with bluish flowers

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