Anahita’s Shirazi salad

Woman with mixed Persian heritage, shoulder length hair, smiling with brown jumper.

“..this is something we used to have with or after dinner pretty much everyday, and still have in Persian restaurants with a meal. It is named after the city of Shiraz, where my mum is from, and where many of my relatives still live.”

Colourful dish with red and green cut up salad pieves
Image of Shirazi salad from Deborah

Main ingredients:

1 English Cucumber (or 3 small Persian cucumbers if available)
2-3 tomatoes (plum tomatoes are best)
½ red onion 


Handful of chopped mint (or dried mint from a jar)
Lime juice (or lemon juice if not available)
Olive oil 


 Slice the cucumber, tomatoes, and red onion into small cubes.Make sure everything is diced in roughly the same size.
Tips:-For the cucumber cut lengthways first, then across.-When cutting tomatoes throw loose seeds away.
Put diced cucumber, tomatoes, and onion in one bowl.
Sprinkle the chopped mint on top, and pour lime juice (or squeeze one fresh lime) over the salad.
Sprinkle a little salt, and a tablespoon of olive oil according to your taste.
 Then mix well, and serve

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